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"I felt empowered, strong and able to accomplish almost anything after our sessions! So many changes happened in both my work and me since I met her. So I highly recommend Sheila to anyone who is stuck and wants to move themselves and their businesses to a new dimension!"

– Lera, London

"Sheila has helped me a lot in my preparations for getting a new job. It was a job I had no previous experience in whatsoever. It was only my passion for this field of work - travel - that drove me. And what can I say - I got the job.
I wasn't even surprised after this professional preparation."

– Astrid, Germany

"In the last few years my need to transform has accelerated exponentially and the work I have done with Richard has been instrumental in enabling this growth. I first met Richard in 2009. Over that time I have come to depend on his incredibly good sensing and his commitment to truth. Working with him is not for those who just want to feel better - although we do laugh a lot! But if you want to reveal and achieve your full potential whilst dissolving the identity with what you are not, then I highly recommend talking to Richard."

– M Thomas, London

"Your healing and supportive energy, whether in person or remote, has brought a lot of self awareness to my issues and has helped me and those involved work through them. You are a trusted and loving source in my life."

– E. Norris, California

"Richard changed my perspective on the world. Thanks to his support and his pointing questions I found the courage to start my own business. By bringing my issues into awareness I could release my blockages and fears and my newfound self-confidence enables me to actually walk my new path."

– Zita, Austria

"Working with Richard has undoubtingly altered my course of life. I was stuck and overwhelmed with its challenges and wanted to hide from it all. Richard has been there for me, guiding and accompanying me. He has helped me to see many of the issues that were holding me back and through his presence and his dedication, many of them have lost effect and no longer hinder me to live my life. For anybody who is ready and willing to truly heal and evolve as a whole, I want to recommend the work with him."

– Stefanie, Germany

"Not so long ago, I wasn’t really satisfied, neither with my job nor my partner, nor myself. I was looking for something, maybe for my true being, but I couldn’t find it. Something was blocking my way and that’s when I met Richard on a plane. He seemed to understand that I wanted to change something in my life. Richard radiates calmness, always takes as much time as it needs and is very patient to explain everything. I felt very comfortable and had a good feeling and indeed something happened to me. Now I have the guts to go further and try to live and love whatever life brings."

– Petra, Zurich

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Energetic Consulting is a partnership between Sheila Partridge and Richard Fuhrmann with the intention
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